InfraCERT is a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) with cutting-edge expertise in industrial control systems (OT/ICS).

InfraCERT is an ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) and an IRT (Incident Response Team) for its constituency, and InfraCERT aims at ensuring good, secure and efficient incident management and information sharing between relevant companies nationally and internationally.

InfraCERT is a sector CERT for the electric power sector and petroleum. The InfraCERT constituency also includes process control industry and Water & Wastewater.

InfraCERT is an independent non-profit corporation, but has alerting responsibilities for the power and petroleum sectors in Norway in the event of serious cyber incidents. InfraCERT also does threat assessments, and gives input to national threat assessments.

InfraCERT/KraftCERT is part of the Norwegian Sector Response Network, is full member of Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and is a certified incident response team in Trusted Introducer.

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