About KraftCERT

KraftCERT (*) was established 30.10.2014 by Statnett, Statkraft and Hafslund after an initiative from NorCERT and Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) as a tool to create support for the entire power industry in preventing and handling security incidents. The goal is a group that specialize on monitoring, counselling and incident response with a focus on the need of its members, facilitating that information from an incident in one company may help the other members.

The board must consist of at least 3, max 7 members. At the startup Hafslund, Statkraft and Statnett are represented. It is open for members to become owners.

(*) CERT is short for Computer Emergency Response Team

Authorized to use CERT(TM) - CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University

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