About KraftCERT

KraftCERT (*) was established 30.10.2014 by Statnett, Statkraft and Hafslund after an initiative from NorCERT and Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) as a tool to create support for the entire power industry in preventing and handling security incidents. The goal is a group that specialize on monitoring, counselling and incident response with a focus on the need of its members, facilitating that information from an incident in one company may help the other members.

The board must consist of at least 3, max 7 members. At the startup Hafslund, Statkraft and Statnett are represented. It is open for members to become owners. A user group with representatives from the member organizations will be established within the end of 2015. This user group will provide input regarding the range of services KraftCERT should offer and the focus and expertise KraftCERT shold maintain.

(*) CERT is short for Computer Emergency Response Team

Working in KraftCERT

There are no open positions at the moment.

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