Services we offer

Vulnerability monitoring

The alerts and advisories comes from wide variety of sources, from vendors, security organizations to independent actors. KraftCERT offers its members strategic guidance in how to handle and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Threat intelligence

KraftCERT will analyze and verify, if needed, information they get about current attacks, in order to ensure that the members get correct and relevant information as early as possible. KraftCERT will analyze the threats and provice the members with a criticality asessment and recommended countermeasures.


It is common knowledge that securing your perimeter is a moving target and combined with an increasing number of attackers with increasing amount of resources at hand, it is prudent to assume that malicious activity may occur within the company network. Early detection of such malicous activity and the ability to assess its consequences is extremely important.

Incident response

KraftCERT will aid the members in improving their ability to handle incidents. We also offer guidance in issues related to collecting and correlating of logs, and some analysis of suspicious documents and web sites. KraftCERT may assist the members during incidents and the members may also make use of mIRT, Mnemonics professional incident reponse team, through their KraftCERT agreement.


KraftCERTs knowledge of the variety of security solutions enable KraftCERT to give independent councelling when selecting solutions in a wide variety of security related issues, taking into account both financial and security factors. The members will be able to influence the selected areas for which KraftCERT offers guidance.

Emergency drills

KraftCERT may assist the members by counselling or participating in local emergency drills, as active participants or a response cell.


KraftCERT will offer selected courses for its members in incident response and other security issues relevant for the member businesses and the national emergency contingency requirements.

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